Who We Are

Jubilee Ministries International is an Apostolic Ministry of multicultural believers connected and linked together with vision and purpose. We are a covenantal and relational church bound together spiritually, not legalistically.

Our vision is to come together as a militant, spiritual army that is arising and keeping rank so that we may take dominion and possess the land (Genesis 1:26). Our vision is broader than the city of New Castle. While ministering in a service, God gave us a vision of a mantle descending from heaven. The mantle was tied in knots at the four corners as it fell upon our church. The interpretation is that God has given us a mandate to touch the four corners of the Earth with the message of the Kingdom of God, and through tying the knots of covenantal relationships this mandate will be accomplished. Through personal visitation, outreach programs, DVD's/CD's, international conferences, the Royal Kingdom Academy and social media we will spread the good news of the Kingdom.

We are a people convinced that the new wine is in the cluster and that we will find our individual destiny in our corporate identity (Isaiah 65:8). We are a church who believes that our youth are chosen for greatness. Our desire is to impart to our children, who are the church of today and the leaders of tomorrow; through the teaching of the Word of God and discipleship, our youth will fulfill their God-given purpose and destiny. Our youth are given the freedom to express their passion for Jesus through praise and worship, Jubilee flag and dance team, and power evangelism. We believe this generation is called to turn their inheritance into legacy so that the next generation will do the greater works that Christ spoke of.

We are a people who refuse complacency and mediocrity. We demand of ourselves that we should give our utmost for His highest. We refuse to stay in the cycle of "church usual" and press into "church unusual". Our focus is not in leaving the planet, but in changing it!

We believe the time has come for the saints to break out of the four walls of the church and become Kingdom minded, equipped to be salt and light and to be a divine influence in the marketplace as representatives of Jesus Christ. We are committed to raise up Kingdom entrepreneurs, linking the idea of prosperity and purpose so God's Kingdom may advance in our day, impacting society and changing our world. We are called to take over: to transform and influence our families, city, region, territory, marketplace, culture, government and our world! As an Apostolic Church we are committed to the success of all our covenant members, impacting and empowering them to manifest the nature and ministry of Christ.