Dr. Mark Kauffman

Find out more about Dr. Mark Kauffman and his ministry, at drmarkkauffman.org.

Being passionately involved in both business and ministry, Dr. Mark Kauffman possesses a unique ability to equip and train marketplace ministers to link the idea of prosperity to a God-given plan to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth. His heart is to see the body of Christ demonstrate the nature and ministry of the Lord Jesus, thus fulfilling their designed destiny.

As the founder and overseeing Apostle of Jubilee Ministries International City Church, New Castle, Pennsylvania, Dr. Kauffman's ministry expands over three decades. Through the Word of knowledge and the gifts of healing and prophecy, he sees many miracles as he ministers the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Dr. Kauffman attained a Doctorate of Divinity from Tabernacle Bible School and University. Since 1987, Dr. Kauffman has owned and operated Butz Flowers, Gifts and In-Home Décor, a historic florist, recognized as the oldest flower shop in the United States and ranking among the top 500 florists worldwide.

Dr. Kauffman is the Chief Executive Officer of Destiny Developers, Kingdom Broadcasting Network Studios (KBN), and the Christian Chamber of Commerce of Pennsylvania (CCCP), which equips, trains, and commissions men and women into the marketplace to influence their sphere with the Kingdom of Heaven.

Dr. Kauffman's visionary leadership extends to the establishment of the Apostolic Congress of Pennsylvania and together with his wife, Dr. Jill, they host the "Apostolic Voice" on various streaming channels. He has also founded The Man Cave, which is a men's movement that meets quarterly to empower men to take their rightful place in the Kingdom.

Internationally recognized, Dr. Kauffman is the founder and overseer of the International Network of Kingdom Leaders (INK), a global network of influential leaders dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Dr. Kauffman is the president of the Kingdom International University (KIU). He is a prolific author and most recently he established INK Publishing, LLC, a conduit for Kingdom literature.

Dr. Mark Kauffman is happily married to Dr. Jill Kauffman, his partner in life and ministry. Together, they tirelessly work to advance the Kingdom of God, leaving a lasting impact for generations to come. Their family includes three sons, Christian Mark, Anthony, and Ryan, and three beloved grandchildren.

"There are a few ways by which one can conclude that they know someone. The first is knowledge by a relative. A familial perspective, however; can skew the true picture of a person through personal preferences and biological ties. Then there is knowledge by association. This also can be biased and or unfair depending on the vantage point of a friend, a rival or an enemy. Finally, there is knowledge by experience. This, I find, qualifies one to say 'I know Mark Kauffman'.

"Mark is not cut out for a casual 'hi there' or for some sporadic relations. He is a gift to those whose destiny allows some commonality of paths. To know him is to experience a man who has found something of a different dimension, a higher realm, a world beyond, of which he is so convinced that mere livers and lovers of the ordinary are frustrating to him. I have not known him in longevity of years, yet I can attest that the experience of his innovative mind, the example of his uncompromising integrity, the explosiveness of his message, and the exponential deposit of his heart, leaves each one with something lasting and gives a few years the impression of an eternity.

"His vision for his time goes beyond declaration as he redeems every opportunity to demonstrate excellence in building a platform for his legacy. His love and devotion to his family transcends to his parish and to his world. Every forerunner leads not by beating a virgin path and plowing untrod terrain, but by discovering the path hewn sometime before, then with confidence conveying his followers across. Apostle Mark Kauffman knows a higher path, and as is his name, you'll be marked by his life to succeed in yours."

Dr. Carl C. Alexander
Tabernacle of Praise for All Nations
Bronx, NY

"I've been in the ministry for 25 years, which isn't that long by some standards, but it is long enough to recognize a high quality ministry. Mark Kauffman has such a high degree of excellence about him that it would be easy to think that what is said about him is exaggerated. I visit between 40 and 50 churches a year in my trans-local ministry, but I have yet to meet anyone with the high degree of integrity, character, humility, anointing, vision, etc. as Mark. Some of the largest ministries, which are highly visible on national television, could learn from him. I have no doubt that Mark's ministry will soon explode onto the national scene as a model for others to follow."

Dr. Paul Costa

"I have known Dr. Mark Kauffman and the Jubilee Ministries Church family for several years. During this time, we have developed more than just a casual acquaintance; in fact, we have a very strong, mutual relationship. An observable constant has been the quality of love and unity in this church family. Immediately, this speaks to the leadership acumen of Dr. Mark and his staff. They also have a very proactive, consistent vision in agreement with the great command and great commission Jesus Christ taught. It is very important that churches model the characteristics that the Bible teaches, thus enabling them to represent the Kingdom of God properly. Any careful observer would notice the grace and dignity with which Jubilee Ministries fulfills their assignment.

"Dr. Mark and the church have begun to reach more fully into the community of New Castle, PA. They have a thriving youth ministry that touches more than just the members of their immediate church family. This speaks to their commitment to be more than a one-generation church."

Respectfully Submitted,
Dr. Stephen Everett

"Dr. Mark Kauffman is a gifted, talented, and anointed entrepreneur, CEO, senior pastor, author, speaker, and apostolic visionary, but more than these, he is also a spiritual father to many in the marketplace. Dr. Kauffman is a selfless servant and has the gifts of wisdom, understanding and discernment, coupled with courage, patience and perseverance. He is a modern-day economic reformer and role model for how to empower and transform cities and nations, and he is a counselor to government leaders. I recommend him without reservation and with great pleasure as a man after God's own heart. He is a man who can be trusted in business and ministry."

Dr. Bruce Cook
Convener, Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit